Day 2: The Horror of Water Fowl

Day 2 was the biggest concern for us.  It was supposed to rain, heavily, and we had three scenes to shoot at Island Grove Park in Abington.  Because we had so many problems finding locations for this film, we decided to make use of the locations we had and did some fairly minor rewrites.  Some of the rewrites actually worked really well thematically but it meant having to shoot a whole lot all in one day.  My good friend Evan Quinlan was kind enough to help out as a featured extra, as did our great PA, Pam Severns, so we decided to shoot the scenes involving them and Nat first.  We did this because Diana Porter’s costume was going to take 2 hours to put on.  Which is good, cause it took me 3 to film everything before I needed her.  Speaking of time, I believe that a production is only as good as your Assistant Director, and Sara Gouviea was spot on perfect, and I’ll get into that in more detail later.  Anywoo, back to Diana.  I said in an earlier blog that she was perfect for the part, but seeing her in costume for the first time really made that perfectly obvious.  There is something classic yet fresh about this interpretation of Death (not to toot my own horn or anything) and Will and Mel did even more outstanding work.  They even got to do some gore effects.  But again, I won’t ruin anything for you! You’ll just have to see!


Photo from Mikel Wisler

The last scene of the day took place on this great bridge going over the pond with a great stone Civil War memorial on one side.  It looked awesome and was really interesting thematically and aesthetically.  The whole scene is Lucifer and Death walking across this bridge and having a short conversation.  I had no idea this was going to be such a pain in the ass.  Jared Mann, our sound guy, had his work cut out for him on this day because every time I yelled “action,” a ton of geese would start honking.  At first it was pretty funny.  And then it stopped being funny very, very quickly.  I simply could not get a take I liked because of the freaking geese.  It just went on and on till the point of pure insanity.  And then, because we were in a public park and they had all the right in the world to be there, droves of people came by to see the swans and their babies… for TWO HOURS.  I got pretty low at this point, believing I wasn’t going to get the shots that I would need.  It was my AD Sara who kicked our butts into gear at the end of the day, and we did manage to get all our shots for the day.  And every one of them is great.  I can’t wait to show you what we got.

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