Day 3: The Umbrella Massacre

I’ve said it before, the weather for this shoot was supposed to be awful, and boy was that the case on day three of the shoot.  We shot at a beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island in the late afternoon and DAMN it was cold and windy.  It rained some on Day 2, but we were under some tree cover and that helped quite a bit.  But now we’re on a beach and the camera is more or less exposed to rain.  This is where PA’s come in, as this was the second straight day where they were, more or less, just holding umbrellas. Of course it was so windy that if you held the umbrella even slightly the wrong way, the thing would bend backwards.  I think we lost at least three umbrellas, though I may be exaggerating to justify the title of this blog.  We couldn’t even keep the slate board dry enough for our markers to work and had to switch to an audio slate, which gave yours truly a little bit of time in front of the camera.  Not a great first day of shooting for our Gabriel, Chris Goodwin.  Chris was a great sport about it, even giving us our first truly great blooper (we were all dying laughing).


Photo from Bryant Naro

The location was great for a few different reasons.  There are some ruins of a burnt out restaurant on one end of the beach that was completely made of stone.  It was beautifully overgrown and the graffiti was kept to the interior.  I used it as much as I could, but I just couldn’t justify using it much.  Especially with the ocean doing what it was doing.  The storm was right off shore, so not only did the clouds add to the mood of the scene, but the storm off the coast was kicking off some great surf which made for some amazing wide shots.  This was the first day we stayed right tight to our shot list, only adding one or two shots.  Despite the weather, we managed to get everything shot without a ton of difficulty, and managed to finish well before sunset.

Next blog is the last of principal photography!

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