Cast and Crew

The Cast


Nathaniel Sylva

 Nathaniel Sylva – After training predominately in theater in school, Nathaniel Sylva moved into the world of film during a year off from college, working on the feature film Jack in the Box. Upon graduation from Bennington College, Nathaniel returned to the Massachusetts area to pursue acting as a full time career. He has worked consistently in the New England area as an actor, stunt performer, and AD, building a resume of over forty credits, with roles ranging from assassins to fathers, angels to incarnations of darkness. It’s been a great ride for the past five years, and he looks forward to acting for decades to come.



Chris Goodwin

Chris Goodwin – Chris Goodwin is an actor from Boston, MA who has been training and performing since high school. After studying to be a scriptwriter in college and completing several film and stage scripts, he toured as a musician throughout the New England area for several years before returning to the field of drama. In 2012, after doing mostly stage acting to this point, Chris began his career as a film actor and has done several short and feature length films in that span. Along with Devil May Care and other shorts such as Debtor Alive, Social Disconnect, Kegler’s Den and Enjoying a Smoke at the End of the World, he can be seen in the upcoming features Psychotica and Gilgamesh, both planned for a 2013 release.



Diana Porter

Diana Porter – Walking the fine line between fun and efficient, Diana has carved out an interesting film career for herself in a short time. She took her first role as a professional actress in 2011 as Alpha the cold and efficient, government created, super solider, assassin in The Final Shift. After that each role was different from the last, playing a caring mother (Half Pint), a struggling wife (Fraternitas), a psychopathic killer (Earl Grey), a woman lost in the world (Misdirection) and many others. In 2013 she took on producing in addition to acting with the film Raptus, in which her character’s normal life has an ominous influence. Diana is a consummate professional aiming to make both her directors and audience happy while improving herself on the whole. She hopes to continue to embrace the challenge of acting for the rest of her life.


Jay Dunigan

 Jay Dunigan – Jay has loved the arts since a young child, performing on stage and playing the drums (which he still does!).  While sustaining a family with three children and a successful career in the medical device world (with two start-ups pertaining to glucose monitoring technology used in diabetes care), he found time to perform in various stage productions over his adult life.  Three years ago he refueled his passion for acting with Whitebridge Farm Productions (of New Hampshire) as Danny Dee in the film Heavenly Angle and, after choosing to become a full time actor in January 2012, was cast as Andrew Bridgeworth in the Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie “The Makeover” starring Julia Stiles and Cameron Manheim- which was filmed in Boston in September last year and aired on ABC Television in January 2013.  He loves “sprinting” on the marathon journey of life of as an actor.

The Crew


Kyle Johannessen

Kyle Johannessen – There is nothing Kyle Johannessen likes more than telling stories.  That is what led him half way across the country to the Columbia College Chicago film program.  He successfully earned a Bachelor’s degree in film and video concentrating in directing and screenwriting.  In 2011 Kyle was asked by the amazingly talented Erin Murray to write for her first variety show, “The Erin Murray Variety Hour.”  The show was a huge success and led to a second Christmas Variety hour a few months later.  Life events have led him down a long path, but Kyle is back again pursing what he loves directing his first short film since college, “Devil May Care,” from his own script.  Kyle also enjoys playing the drums and currently resides in the Boston area.



Greg Metro

Greg Metro – Greg Metro has many passions; singing, comic books, assorted cheeses.  But above all else he has always loved telling stories.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from Western New England University.  While in school he began writing scripts for both the stage and screen.  Two of his theater scripts went on to be produced by the university’s theater troupe.  In 2011 Greg was recruited by the very talented Erin Murray to write for two of her variety shows, “The Erin Murray Variety Hour.”  Now along with his writing partner in crime, Kyle Johannessen, he dives into the new frontier of filmmaking with his first short film since college, “Devil May Care.”  He currently lives and works in the Boston area.


Editor/Associate Producer

Justine Gendron

Justine Gendron – Justine received her Bachelors of Arts degree at Columbia College Chicago in Film and Video concentrating on editing in 2007. She has edited many different types of genres such as comedy, documentary, commercial, horror, experimental, short, and feature-length narrative.  Recently, she edited and script supervised the award-winning narrative musical feature, Jamie and Jessie are Not Together; co-edited a feature documentary, A Mind in Quicksand: Life with Huntington’s; and co-edited the narrative feature, LAID: Life as it’s Dealt. Her work can also be seen on the internet with the web shows Foodgasm and Easy Abby.


Director of Photography

Mikel Wisler

Mikel J. Wisler – Mikel J. Wisler is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed several short films that have played at festivals, gaining both nominations and awards, as well as international distribution since 2005. Mikel has a B.A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Writing, Theatre, and Cinematography and a B.A. in Philosophy from Bethel College, Indiana. He attended the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) in 2003, where he studied screenwriting, filmmaking, and had an internship with Infinity Management International in Beverly Hills.

Mikel regularly works as a cinematographer for commercial and independent film projects. He has shot commercial projects for local clients as well as larger clients such as a New Balance and AOL Travel. But when it comes to cinematography, Mikel is most passionate about shooting narrative films and has been doing so for several years on many projects. Most notably, he as served as the cinematographer for the award-winning short film, “Evaluating Kaitly” and was the cinematographer and director for the award-winning short film, “Stop.” In 2012, Mikel helped launch Stories by the River, a non-profit film production and distribution organization. So far, Mikel has directed two films for SbtR and served as cinematographer for the other four films SbtR has co-produced so far. Two of those films are currently in post-production and will be released later this year.

For more information about Mikel’s work in cinematography, a list of projects he’s shot, and to see his demo reel, please visit: